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Welcome to DuoDURA!

Hello! My name is Matthew, and I'm the guy behind DuoDURA. My journey began with a deep-rooted love for innovation and a single 3D printer back in 2022. My goal is to transform your concepts into reality, doing so with a meticulous attention to detail and a touch of creativity. Located in New Hampshire, DuoDURA stands at the crossroads of cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship.

Our Journey

My adventure into the world of 3D printing started with a spark of curiosity and quickly grew into a passion for the endless possibilities it offered. After dedicating countless hours to learning, experimenting, and refining my skills, I felt a strong desire to share this passion with others. That's how DuoDURA came to life, with a vision to offer superior 3D printing services tailored not just for small businesses and hobbyists, but for anyone who shares this fascination. My aim is to make your creative ideas a tangible reality, one layer at a time.

What Sets Us Apart

At DuoDURA, I believe in the power of a personal approach. As the sole person behind the operations, I take it upon myself to give each project the attention and dedication it deserves, bringing your designs to life just the way you imagined. While my 3D printer might not top the line in terms of technology, my expertise and continuous journey of mastering the craft of 3D printing ensure that it produces results that meet and exceed expectations.

Our Services

Whether you need a custom prototype, unique gifts, or intricate models, I’ve got you covered. I specialize in:

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